Shipping Guide

I know the world of exports and imports can seem intimidating but in truth it is really, really easy.  If you are shipping used items for a relocation or new items you purchased it is almost the same process.  For general cargo (building materials, electronics, appliances, furniture, books, food, etc.) you can simply deliver the goods to our warehouse in Jacksonville, FL and email a copy of the invoice/receipt to with any specific shipping instructions and contact information with Bermuda address.  If your cargo is considered hazardous freight (bleach, certain paints, car batteries, aerosols, etc.) then we will require the MSDS sheets as well as the IMO.  Click the link for more information on shipping Hazardous cargo.

Once we have the invoice and packing slip (if applicable) you can UPS, Fed Ex, USPS or courier it to our warehouse addressed as the following:

<Your Name Here>
C/O Farnell Freight Forwarders, Inc.
955 Talleyrand Avenue
Jacksonville, FL 32206

If you are trying to make a particular sail date, please ensure the cargo and invoice is received by us at least 3 business days in advance of the sail date.  Don't worry about getting your cargo here too early, we offer free short-term storage for cargo shipping to Bermuda.

Once your cargo arrives into port, Bermuda Forwarders will unload the container and contact you for further instruction.  They will be able to clear your goods through customs and deliver to your door, if you wish.

The most important things to remember are to send us the cargo and invoice and we take care of the rest!  Please contact us for any further information.