How To Guides & FAQ

I am a first-time exporter/importer to Bermuda.  What do I need to know?

Please see our first-time shipping guide.

Can you ship hazardous cargo?

Yes, we can ship most hazard classes.  Click Hazardous for more information.

Can you guys pick up my cargo?

Yes we offer trucking services to pick up cargo over the entire U.S.

I want to ship a 40' container for my cargo. Do you guys offer 40' containers?

Bermuda does not allow 40' containers on the island without special permits that can be obtained from the Corporation of Hamilton. The cargo must physically be unable to fit inside a 20' container and be unable to ship on a flatrack or ship breakbulk on the ship's deck. We cannot load it without the proof of permit. The contact for Corporation of Hamilton is 441-295-6824 and the application itself is downloadableon our website.

Can I ship alcohol in my personal shipment?

No, ATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms) regulates the international transportation of alcohol. If you have questions please contact the Florida office at 813-202-7300.

I need to ship my vehicle to Bermuda. What do you need?

We need the vehicle itself, confirmation it will fit inside a 20' container, the original title and original bill of sale at least 5 days prior to the ship sail date. The batteries must be disconnected and all gasoline and oil be drained from the vehicle. Please see the vehicle import requirements set forth by the Ministry of Tourism and Transport to confirm import approval for your vehicle. Please see Vehicle Exports to Bermuda for more information.

Can I ship firearms, narcotics, pornography, explosives, fireworks to Bermuda?


How much will duty, wharfage, customs clearance and delivery cost once my cargo arrives to Bermuda?

We cannot advise you on import costs. Please contact Bermuda Forwarders at 441-292-4600 for more information.

Can you store my cargo?

Yes, we offer short-term storage and long-term storage options. Please contact us for more detailed information.  Let us know in advance if storage is required as we ship cargo as it comes in just like the post office would unless advanced notification has been made. 

Has my cargo arrived? It should be there sometime this week.

Please refer to the tracking number on your freight. If we have a dock receipt on it, then we can confirm it is here. Otherwise it may not be here yet or mislabeled and listed as unidentified cargo. A tracking number will help us determine the answer.

How long does the ship take to get to Bermuda?

4 days